Comprehensive Debt Collection


Your experienced Montana collections lawyer will spare no effort in recovering money owed you by consumers residing within the State of Montana. We provide comprehensive debt collection services to a wide range of local and national business clients, including forwarding companies, lending institutions, medical practitioners, service businesses, credit card companies and transportation companies.

As a leading Commercial Collections Law Firm Hull, Swingley & Betchie Aggressively Pursues Its Clients’ Legal and Financial Interests

For a vendor or service provider, collecting past due commercial accounts can be a complicated and time consuming process often requiring the investment of more time and resources than the debt is worth. In addition, if debtor is located within Montana and the vendor is not, it is logistically difficult for the creditor to file a case in Montana courts. Retaining a Montana-based commercial collections law firm solves these problems. With every case Hull, Swingley & Betchie takes, it is our goal to recover the debt owed in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible. We handle the entire process from start to finish, fighting to protect your legal interests and get results. The charge for this service is not due until we have obtained an actual recovery and its amount is based on the amount recovered.

We are Experienced and Effective in Obtaining Court Approval of Transfers of Structured Settlement Payments

Hull, Swingley & Betchie is experienced at obtaining judicial approval of the assignment of structured settlements in Montana. We file applications, attend hearings and obtain district court approval of the transfers. We have a high approval rate on applications processed. We follow a highly effective procedure which assures that each new submission sent to us will be filed, served and set for hearing in a quick, efficient and thorough manner. When your clients need the money now that they are entitled to in the future, let us help them get it quickly.

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