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Hull, Swingley & Betchie is among the most experienced family law firms in the State of Montana providing expert representation in all matters relating to divorce, legal separation, property settlements, and child custody and support. We also offer mediation and collaborative negotiation services to our legal colleagues in helping them to resolve their clients’ divorce disputes.

We understand that going through a divorce is one of the most distressing experiences our clients and their families will ever endure, and we are firmly committed to helping them move through the process with as little additional trauma as possible.

Accordingly, Hull, Swingley & Betchie encourages the resolution of family law disputes through mediation and negotiation whenever possible. However, when an amicable resolution cannot be reached and litigation is unavoidable, we are prepared to aggressively advance our clients’ interests in District Court.

Your Montana Family Law Attorney is Dedicated to Preserving Your Family and Protecting Your Future.

Legal disputes within families, such as divorce, family services cases, or child custody issues, are never easy to deal with. When your emotions are running high, it’s extremely important to have an experienced family law attorney on your side. With every family we work with, Hull, Swingley & Betchie’s goal is to obtain a favorable outcome while minimizing the stress and conflict that frequently occur in these family law cases. Our practice focuses on saving our clients’ time and money by resolving matters outside of court whenever possible. But we are experienced litigators who provide strong trial advocacy whenever necessary to protect your rights.

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